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TAURON Polska Energia a Trader on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Commodity Market

Date: 27.10.2010

On 6 October, the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange granted TAURON Polska Energia the status of a Trader on the Warsaw Commodity Exchange Commodity Market. TAURON is one of the first entities to receive the status of a Trader on the market.
At the moment, there is only one electricity exchange in Poland – Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A. The other electricity market operator will be the Warsaw Stock Exchange which in autumn this year intends to launch electricity trade as part of the Commodity Market. Exchange trade in electricity is becoming more and more important, among other things because of this year’s amendment to the Energy Law. The amendment introduced new rules of electricity trading, including the most significant one – power plants have been obliged to sell not less than 15 per cent of the annual output of electricity in public trading. Moreover, part of power producers, taking advantage of compensations due to termination of long-term contracts, under the same Law have been obliged to sell the remaining volume in a transparent manner, with the use of commodity exchanges, online trading platforms, or tenders. Electricity generated from renewable sources of energy and co-generation has been excluded from the obligation to be sold on the exchange.
The status of a Warsaw Stock Exchange Trader will enable the TAURON Group to even more actively participate in the domestic electricity market. Let us remind that the Group realises numerous transaction regarding trade in electricity and related products also on foreign trading platforms and exchanges, i.e. Bluenext and EPEX Spot SE, Paris, NoordPool, Oslo, EEX, Leipzig, and Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE), Prague.